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FAMELINE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. a leading company of Metal Ceiling, Aluminium Sun Louver and Metal Cladding products, one of FAMELINE GROUP companies which are well known among constrution materials industry for more than 2 decades.

Our aims are:
  • To maintain as the leader in the metal ceiling industry in Thailand
  • And to be one of the well known metal ceiling producer in the world.
A wide variety of Fameline Architectural Products are:
  • Metal Ceilings
  • Aluminum Sun Shade
  • Metal Wall Claddings

Every piece of Fameline’s products is produced from sophisticated selected high quality materials, high proficiency production process, and the most advance technology machines under a control of experienced and skillful architects and engineers.

ISO 9001

FameLine is certified by AJA EQS (England). Its certified scope includes the process control for metal ceiling
and cladding, the receiving inspection and final inspection, the design control especially the receiving of customer’s
requirement and customer’s approval, the installation, the maintenance, and after sales service.

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