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Screen Ceilings

The FameLine Screen Ceiiling System is a flexible, functional, and architectural decorative ceiling. It is an air-flow ceiling panel ideal for interior installations in order to conceal messy appearance of the equipment or service line above the ceiling. The system is available with slat or panel spacing at 100 mm. and 150 mm. The slats are also available in a wide range of color finishes.

The Screen ceiling system can be adapted for exterior use as a sunscreen or decorative building element. Also, the FameLine Screen Ceiling System provides for flexibility in design, ease of access to equipment or service lines, easy maintenance, and speed of installation.

The FameLine Screen Ceiling System is a system of suspended vertical ceiling panels offering unique design features that can readily accommodate air-flow requirements as well as the potential for above ceiling lighting. The ceiling or slats snap into a “ v ’’ shaped aluminum structural member that holds the slats in their vertical position, thus, providing for minimal restriction for air-flow between the slats from services above. In addition, light fixtures can be mounted above the slats creating interesting lighting and architectural effect when viewed from below.

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