Over 20 years of experience.

FAMELINE PRODUCTS Co.,Ltd. has been The Leader of Innovative Architectural Decoration Products and Designs. We are not only a brand owner but also a designer, manufacturer, distributor, and installer. We emphasize on delivering high-quality and innovative products with state of art production technology. All production processes are done in-house, in the factory that spreads over 8,000 square meters. Custom-made products are also available to meet the needs and imagination of the design.

Over 20 years of experience, FAMELINE is trusted by architects or designers around the globe. We provide advice, consultation, participation in the design and continuously develop personnel. Our products are also part of the construction of large projects domestically and internationally, ranging from residential buildings to large public buildings, thus ensuring that FAMELINE can offer the best for every customer.


FAMELINE PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. is the first and only company in Thailand that develops and produces the perforated Aluminium ceilings for sound absorption properties. Nowadays, the perforated Aluminium ceiling has been accepted and is widely used in both domestic and international projects.

FAMELINE can prove the company’s potential that we are the only company that can produce products with quality as the United States among project owners and construction companies. Until we can bid for every subway project on the ground and underground.

FAMELINE is also the first company in Thailand to produce quality Aluminium composite sheets according to international standards, which has been distributed both domestically and internationally. Especially the coating process, we are the only company in Thailand that has a PVDF coating process according to international standards.

VISION (2020 – 2022)

FAMELINE sets sights on being recognised as the leader of innovative architectural products in the ASEAN region. Fameline strives to create ceilings, walls, and roofs for buildings that comprehensively meets and exceeds customers’ satisfaction and expectations in all aspects including design, quality, application, and worthiness and more.

FAMELINE will always be the first selection and first brand name that comes to the minds of customers among designers, project owners, and contractors nationwide.

FAMELINE strongly aspires to foster and nurture working cultures that are active, professional, and service-minded for utmost customers’ satisfaction.


Internation Standard



Part of NSC Steel Co., Ltd.


Introduce Linear Ceiling and Louvers


Introduce Cell Ceiling and Screen Ceiling Systems


Introduce Aluminium and Steel Wall Cladding


Introduce Tile & Plank Ceiling Systems


Set up Fameline Products Co.,Ltd. and Received ISO9001 Awarded for BTS elevated station project 23 stations


Awarded for MRT Underground station project 18 stations


Introduce Movable Louver Systems


Set up Aluminum Composite Factory
Introduced “Knauf” Aluminum Composite Panel in the market


Introduce Coil Coating Line (PVDF)


Opening of the first overseas branch in India
Awarded for BRT Stations Project 12 stations


Opening a second branch in the Malaysia
Awarded for BTS extension project 5 stations


Started production in a new factory with a double capacity


Introduce Tension Membrane


Awarded for MRT project Purple Line 9 stations


Awarded for MRT project Blue Line 8 stations


Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA)

Blue Line Extension Contract 3 underground 12 stations 3 elevated

Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA)

Green Line Extension Contract 1 elevated 9 stations


Awarded for the project in Philippine;
  • SM North EDSA Shopping Mall (Special Hexagon Ceiling) Awarded for the project in Cambodia;
  • Park Mall (Litewood wooden color)
  • ABA Bank Head Office (300AF)
  • 2018

    Awarded for the project in Cambodia;
    • Angsana Hotels and Resorts (The former name is Dara Angkor)
    Section A to E (KNAUF for Fence Area and Louver 1050AT for Facade Area) Awarded for the project in Philippine;
    • Google (Perforated Triangle Ceiling Panel)
    • Nissan (Litewood)


    Set up Aluminium Honeycomb Panel production line
    Awarded For the project in Myanmar;

    • Best Oil Company & PT Power (Linear Ceiling & ACP)
    • The capital shopping mall in Mandalay (ACP)

    Awarded For the project in Cambodia;

    • Hyatt Regency Hotel (Clip-In Ceiling)
    • Chipmong Bank, 1Head office 3Branches (Litewood wooden color)
    • Thai Embassy in Cambodia (70Z


    Introduce Aluminium Honeycomb Panel in the market