‘Enhancing Quality of Life’ with Building Decoration Technology

Initially, building decoration technology was developed to enhance architectural aesthetics, especially for complex designs requiring special techniques beyond conventional construction. It evolved into systems integrating innovative materials, from 3D modeling and material classification to installation with clear timelines and cost-effective maintenance. Advanced technology helps realize unique construction projects, enhancing architectural design per era’s creativity. Another essential aspect to ‘elevate’ is the quality of life,

aligning with FAMELINE’s Mission:

“FAMELINE is a creator and developer of architectural products and services

for buildings and residences with the ambition

to enhance the quality of life for residents

and contribute to building a better world.”

Selecting Appropriate Materials:

Using technology in building decoration starts with selecting quality, suitable materials produced with modern technology. These materials must meet international standards and undergo quality checks before use. Innovative materials combined with electronics, like the Internet of Things (IoT), enable real-time control of devices such as lighting, ventilation, security, air quality monitoring, and building access systems. These technologies are crucial for creating smart architecture, enhancing convenience and safety, and saving up to 20% on energy, making them a worthwhile long-term investment.

AF-Moveable – Solar Shading System

Innovation of the Intelligent Sun Shading System:

Leveraging FAMELINE’s standardized aluminum production process, the company has developed the ‘Smart Moveable Sun Shading’ innovation. This includes the AF-Movable aluminum sun shading panels that can automatically adjust their angle as needed, as well as the ‘Transformable Facade’ automated folding system for walls or sun shades, which can adjust the angle of the entire assembly or operate each panel independently. These systems help control the amount of sunlight and brightness entering the building interior. They are operated by the ‘Smart Wifi Switch’ that can be controlled through a mobile app, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Bi-Folding – Transformable Facade System (vertical)
Bi-Folding – Transformable Facade System (vertical)

Versatile Applications:

FAMELINE’s automated folding systems come in two main forms: ‘Bi-Folding’, a vertical folding system designed for window openings up to 3 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, and ‘Folding Shutter’, a horizontal folding system suitable for openings up to 3 meters high and 4 meters wide. Both are suitable for use as building facades, with customizable patterns, colors, and finishes like aluminum louvers or composite panels, allowing for indoor and outdoor applications such as balconies, condominium or hotel facades, building entrances, or walkway canopies between structures.

Folding Shutter – Transformable Facade System (horizontal)
Folding Shutter – Transformable Facade System (horizontal)

The selection of quality materials is crucial. With over 20 years of experience, FAMELINE Products Co., Ltd. produces high-quality, modern products using the latest technology. They manufacture international standard aluminum materials in various forms, supporting special design requirements. This promotes the concept of modern building decoration technology that sustainably elevates the quality of life for building users.

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