The leading manufacturer of architectural metal products in Thailand. 

Offering high-quality Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Single Screen, Metal Ceiling, Sun Louver, Ventilation Louver, Smart Architectural Products andTension Membrane in numerous designs that help fulfill the architect or the designer’s imaginations.

With over two decades of experience, we emphasize on delivering high-quality and innovative products with state of art production technology. All production processes are done in-house, in the factory that spreads over 8,000 sq. m.

We have a large portfolio of customers across different sectors, from residential to large scale projects, such as airports, public transportation (both elevated and underground train stations), etc.

Composite Panel

Composite Panel is an innovation in modern building envelope decoration that meets and increases design capability. It is a material developed by combining the properties of different materials. The product can be used both exterior and interior and also creates a variety of shapes without limitation.

Ceiling Systems

Ceiling Systems have been designed and developed to meet all the requirements for interior and exterior ceiling decoration, and also helped to conceal the system work neatly and beautifully. There are various models and systems to choose from, each with different features depending on the usage and the area of ​​installation.

Smart Architecture

Smart Architecture is a product group that uses technology to enhance the efficiency of existing products, resulting in innovations in building decoration. With the objective to create convenience in use, promote better quality of life, save energy and create a good environment.

Solid Sheet Claddings

Prefabricated decorative aluminum wall panels have various alternatives, textures, patterns, shapes, and sizes of sheets to choose from. The product can be used both exterior and interior. Suitable for special designs that require unique identity.

Architectural Louvers

Architectural Louvers provide protection and control sunlight, enhance airflow performance, including helping to reduce the amount of rain that enters the building. Designed to be balanced in both performance and architectural aesthetics with the shape of the louver that is outstanding and modern.

Textile Architecture

Textile Architecture is a material that is commonly used to enhance the image. And make the project stand out. Due to having a light structure, able to be installed quickly and conveniently. The product has various features, including flexibility, translucency and good ventilation. In addition, the shape can be designed freely and more diverse than other materials.