Standard Service is the service that provides product information, technical information, information about installation, information about usage, and design development. This service is done under the support of architects who will provide recommendations and guidance while partnering with a skilled product development team. In addition, pre-sale and post-sale services are available to help our clients utilize the product to its highest ability according to their requirements.


With extensive experience in installation work, our skilled teams can provide an accurate quotation for products and installation services. This information will allow designers to plan realistic recommendations, and clients would be able to know an estimated price before adjusting their selection to suit their available budget.


Typical Drawings are available for every category of Fameline products. This allows the designer to visualize Fameline’s products against their current projects to reduce the length of the designing process. Information on product installation is also available which will simplify the designing process in new product development or the development of the product with a specific application.


We can assist our clients with a mock-up service that can be used in presentation and will help the customers to visualize the product and its installation. This will help reduce errors that could be caused by the Typical Drawing process and allow the product to be developed to its best durability and practicality while maintaining an attractive design.  


Aside from pre-sale and post-sale service, we emphasize the manufacturing process of the product with the latest technology, innovative equipment, and software that has been developed to the highest precision. We can specify production lead time according to customer’s needs and our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ASTM, NFPA, BS, EN, and DIN certified.


Installation service for projects is also available. We are experienced in mega-project installation work, and our previous work covers a wide range of venues including airports, BTS sky-train stations, and MRT stations. Aside from our experiences in mega-projects, our installation teams are constantly developing their skills to provide the best installation service for the customers.  


Our team of experts can provide consultation services and training on the information about the products and installation standards to ensure that our clients understand the products, the installation process, and necessary cautions on each type of product to achieve the project outcome that matches with global standards.