FAMELINE has been The Leader of Innovative Architectural Decoration Products and Designs.

We are not just brand owners, but we are also designers, manufacturers, distributors, and installers. We prioritize producing high-quality and modern products using the latest technology. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the Fameline factory, which covers an area of over 11,000 square meters. We can also produce custom designs to meet the needs and creative imaginations of our clients.

With over 25  years of experience, Fameline has earned the trust of architects and designers around the world. We offer advice, consultation, and participate in the design process, while continually developing our team. Our products have also been a part of the construction of large projects, both domestically and internationally, ranging from residential buildings to expansive public structures. Therefore, we are confident that Fameline can offer the best solutions for all of our customers.


FAMELINE PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. is the first and only company in Thailand that develops and manufactures perforated aluminium ceiling panels designed for sound absorption properties. At present, these perforated aluminium ceiling panels, known for their sound-absorbing capabilities, have been widely accepted and are extensively used in both domestic and international projects.

FAMELINE can demonstrate to project owners and construction companies that we are the sole company capable of producing products of a quality comparable to those in the United States. This capacity has enabled us to bid for various mass transit projects, including above-ground, underground, and leading airport projects within the country.

Furthermore, FAMELINE is the first company in Thailand to produce aluminium composite panels that meet international standards. These products are distributed both domestically and internationally. In addition, we are the first and only company in Thailand that has a manufacturing facility for innovative Aluminum Honeycomb Panel products.”


FAMELINE is a creator of architectural products and services for buildings to enhance the quality of life for residents and for the pleasant world.


  1. FAMELINE will be recognized as the ASEAN leader of innovative architectural products on  ceilings, walls, and roofs for buildings that fully meet customers’ satisfaction in terms of design, quality, application, and worthiness.
  2. FAMELINE will always be the first selection of customer’s mind among designers, project owners, and contractors all over the country.
  3. FAMELINE has a strong intention to nurture working cultures to be active, professional, and service-minded for utmost customers’ satisfaction.

Currently, we distribute building decoration products and provide architectural design services in both Thailand and the ASEAN region, covering a total of 6 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.

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    • ULISO9001: 2015

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