With over 25 years of experience, FAMELINE is the leading manufacturer in the industry. We are the only factory that handles the entire production process, from start to finish, to deliver high-quality aluminium composite panels. Our process begins with the coil coating process and continues through the continuous sheet assembly process. We adhere to strict manufacturing standards and conduct thorough product inspections to ensure that every piece meets the highest quality standards. This allows us to guarantee the quality of both the coating and the panels, providing our customers with confidence in the exceptional standards of aluminium composite panels produced by FAMELINE.


Aluminium Composite Panels are a combination of aluminium’s outstanding properties, including resistance to corrosion and rust, as well as its lightweight nature. These properties are enhanced through the process of aluminium coating. This coating ensures long-lasting resilience against various weather conditions and maintains its aesthetic appeal for up to 10 years. These panels are suitable for both exterior and interior applications in buildings. They are bonded with different core materials using a high-temperature lamination process, resulting in properties suitable for diverse applications. We offer three types of cores to choose from:

  • PE (Polyethylene Core): This flexible core can be easily bent and shaped.
  • FR (Fire Retardant Core): This core is formulated with fire-retardant additives to prevent the spread of fire, achieving a Class B1 fire rating.
  • A2 (Class A2 Core): This core has high fire resistance and low heat release properties, making it suitable for buildings that require superior fire safety.

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